• "This Old Cub Special Edition" with Extras

    "Killer Documentary!" -USA Today
    This Old Cub Special Edition is an inspirational story about Ron Santo, who was the 1st Major League Baseball Player to play the game with Type 1 Diabetes, and overcame all the odds to become a Hall of Famer. Santo is the ultimate optimist and therefore the Heart of the Chicago Cubs.

    Extras: Ron's Last Interview before his passing in 2010.

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Santo Films is an Independent Film Production, Distribution and Consulting company created by Jeff Santo and Christie Collins Santo.

Jeff Santo has over 19 years of dedicated Independent Filmmaking experience in all aspects of creating and selling an Independent Film. Jeff has Written, Directed, and Produced six Films: Liar's Poker, This Old Cub, Jake's Corner, Off The Boulevard, This Old Cub Special Edition, and Dead In 5 Heartbeats.

Jeff has taught writing and directing at the collegiate level, as well as spoken at several Independent Film Distribution seminars, spreading the word to other Independent Filmmakers on his grass-roots distribution success. Also, Jeff applies all the principles as he discussed in his Audio CD, How To Make An Independent Film Today From Front To Back, making this a triumphant accomplishment of ideals.

  • It shows how is to be independent in the entertainment business or in life in general.

    — Mike Gencarelli, Media Mikes


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